Bitlog since 2006

Bitlog is dedicated to delivering the market’s most innovative software products for warehouses and distribution. Bitlog was founded in 2006 by Fred Boström. Like many of our employees, Fred has experience from working at companies faced with major warehousing and distribution challenges. When we began developing our products, we wanted to create a new system which would eliminate time-consuming operations in the business system and which would give users of the system competitive advantages.

Our business concept

We aim to supply the most innovative and user-friendly products and services with the highest level of quality, as a means to improve our customers’ profitability. In addition to developing and implementing warehouse management systems, Bitlog also offers general and needs-oriented IT services. Technical expertise in combination with extensive experience ensures secure and effective solutions for our customers.

Our WMS provides you with smart warehouse management



New technical innovations

Unbeatable performance

We love new technology and adding new technical innovations to warehouse operations. We use the latest technology in all areas of our WMS solution, from servers to apps, which results in unbeatable performance. We are well aware that things have to move quickly. 



Proprietary product


We always value customer wishes, and focus on resolving challenges in the best possible manner. Since we develop our own products, we have unique opportunities to incorporate new requests from customers and new functionality.



Extensive experience


We have extensive experience in warehouse management, and combine our know-how with the latest technology. We do not mimic what others are doing; rather, we build what we believe are the best features for our customers.

We want to help your company reach the next level

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