Quick start-up with WMS Express warehouse management

WMS Express is a warehouse management system for companies with a maximum of 5 employees in the warehouse. We have included the most important features from our powerful WMS. The system allows you to increase efficiency, reduce the number of errors and increase customer satisfaction. Bitlog WMS Express’s simple installation helps you get started quickly. Get off to a secure start with Express. As you grow and expand, you can add more features and users to the license.

The start-up cost of SEK 15,000 includes set-up and connection to the ERP, training and design of the shipping note. If you have a transportation system, you can connect our system to it. The monthly fee of SEK 2,000 includes 2 users.

Digitalize warehouse management

WMS Express allows you to digitalize your warehouse management. 

Proposed shelf placement

The system will give immediate proposals for shelf placement. Receipt is then noted through the mobile device. 

Picking orders

The picking order is produced automatically, which means workers can focus solely on picking. 

Supplier deliveries

Specify the amount that arrived from the supplier according to the delivery note. 

Detects amount

The system automatically detects if the picking location needs to be replenished from the buffer stock.


The system is completely cloud-based, and has a short installation time and a low monthly cost. 


Try it out for 14 days:

  • 1. Click “Try it out” and enter your information

    You will receive a welcome email and instructions on how to get started.

  • 2. Try out all of the features free of charge

    Try out all of the features for 14 days free of charge.

  • 3. We will contact you for a follow-up discussion

    We will contact you for a follow-up discussion, and if you like the system we will help you get started.

Our WMS provides you with smart warehouse management


Try it out

Try it out first and then order the system at your convenience

Free trial

Try out the features free of charge for 14 days and then place your order.




Bitlog WMS is initially configured and then connected to your business system

Distance learning

After the order is placed, the system is connected to a cloud-based business system, and you will have access to a distance learning course.


Mobile app

Download the app from the AppStore to start using the system

Quick start-up

The app can be easily downloaded to your iPhone or iPad. Just purchase the barcode reader, and you will be on your way!

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