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When we went live in March 2015, we were very pleased with the modern and efficient WMS and the high degree of automation. Our warehouse workers now use iPad Minis and handheld Bluetooth scanners, which has minimized the need for manual work.



We immediately noticed major improvements in terms of efficiency and quality. Our warehouse employees now use iPads and Bluetooth scanners, which has resulted in huge time savings and fewer errors. The system gives us full control over the entire logistics flow, as well as inventory status and order processes.



A major test for the system arose when Hultafors Group decided to move its central warehouse from Holland to Poland. The choice was between whether to keep our warehousing/logistics system or to use a different one. The company’s positive experience of Bitlog WMS was decisive, and when the move was made in 2013 the system was already in place — now with a handheld computer solution as well. Deliveries could begin from day one after moving to Poland.


Tree of Pets

We built a custom WMS from scratch in close cooperation with Bitlog. The picking list has been replaced with an iPad and handheld scanner, which has resulted in major savings in terms of both time and cost. Our customers benefit from our improved delivery reliability and shorter lead times as well, and we have also secured improved traceability.


Pierce AB

Bitlog is the flexible system which will support your very aggressiv growth.