Modern warehouse system for e-commerce

Leading WMS for e-commerce: Bitlog’s warehouse system for e-commerce allows you to focus completely on your e-commerce. Our modern architecture means the system can be stably operated in the cloud or installed in connection with your business system and e-commerce system. As a customer, you can feel confident in the solution thanks to the sound underlying technical platform.

Warehouse system for e-commerce

Bitlog WMS is customized for use with e-commerce.

Create batch picking

You can use the system to create batch picking (pick several orders simultaneously), as well as for cross docking, which increases both efficiency and productivity.

Validated and improved efficiency

Bitlog WMS users have increased their efficiency by up to 50% thanks to picking route optimization.

Warehouse system with extreme performance

Our modern technical platform gives you extreme performance that can easily handle hundreds of thousands of orders every day.

Flexible integration and automation

Bitlog WMS is a flexible warehouse system that can be easily integrated and automated with other business systems or e-commerce systems.

Work paperless

Picking lists on paper have been replaced with iPads and handheld scanners. Shipping documents are generated directly from the system. 


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Get ready for growth with Bitlog’s smart warehouse system for e-commerce



WMS is simple for the user


This is a modern and smart warehouse system, which has been built with the latest technology. Extreme performance and excellent user experience are always in focus.



Smart functionality from the start

Great from the start

Customized standard functionality for resolving warehouse management challenges in e-commerce. Batch picking and cross docking enable increased efficiency and productivity. 



Monitor and streamline the flow

Efficient and smart

There are excellent monitoring tools for all operations, and user-friendly flows improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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