Flexible warehouse system for retail

Bitlog WMS is a flexible warehouse system for retail. It has powerful standard functionality that can be configured for different activities, as well as for companies of various sizes. A single modern underlying system is used to satisfy the needs of each customer. 

Customer reservations

Bitlog’s support for customer reservations ensures the right customers receive products when there is an inventory shortage. You can reserve products for both customers and customer groups.

Fixed delivery days

Bitlog's warehouse system supports fixed delivery days, which means that products can be delivered on the right day — without any manual checks.

Reduce credit losses

Our credit control module performs an extra credit status check. The system searches for past-due invoices and exceeded credit limits before picking becomes available for the warehouse. This process can reduce your credit losses considerably.

Automated delivery planning

Bitlog’s warehouse system for retail allows you to automate with powerful features such as picking proposals and delivery planning.

Validated and improved efficiency

Bitlog WMS users have increased their efficiency by up to 50% thanks to picking route optimization.

Delivery status is always current

Gain full control over your customer orders. Our warehouse system for retail calculates the delivery date for all order lines and sets both delivery status and estimated delivery date. Information is easily accessible and can be shared with the customer.


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    Try out all of the features for 14 days free of charge.

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Customized and smart warehouse system for retail



Quick and easy

Automated delivery planning

Automate your delivery planning with powerful features such as automated picking proposals and delivery planning.


Serial numbers

Use your barcode readers

Facilitate daily work

Our warehouse system for retail allows you to manage serial numbers manually or with a barcode reader.



Up to 50% savings in time


Our customized features for retail can help you save loads of time. We can often streamline up to 50% with automated features that are otherwise performed manually.

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